of course music mattered more in the early period of rock n roll than it does now. What exactly constitutes exaggerating the impact of Elvis, the Beatles, Dylan and Woodstock? Teenagers, as a whole, looked to musicians to explain the world the them, especially race relations, the war and sex. The 60’s was a huge cultural reactionary revolution driven by youth with popular musicians at the leading edge. The world looked one way in ’55 and looked completely different in ’70. Is this really in dispute?

Even if that is somehow unfathomably, completely, totally wrong it’s what the Boomers believe and the only thing I’m asserting is that their denial that something has changed since then is clouding their policy judgment. I can see if you want to call me out on that, I’m just reacting to the excuses I hear for not participating in the ‘net music culture.

But to compare the impact of some cultish emo/indie bands today to, say the level of attention Lennon got for JUST STAYING IN BED a few days seemed out of whack to me.