Hi Lucas,

I’ve just installed YMP and it’s great but I have a few problems:
1. The playlist does not show all the tracks that I have installed and it also shows the name of the mp3 file instead of the entry that should be there. Can I somehow edit the playlist?
2. The play button does not show up next to one track listing on the webpage using Firefox. It’s ok for the others. If I recycycle the page it shows up but as soon as I move the cursor it disappears again. If I click where the button should be it works ok. Only a problem on Firefox.
3. In general the page shows up ok in Firefox, Chrome, & Safari but I get a whole heap of html coding show up on IE, mixed in with the track names and play buttons. Is there some way I can get rid of this in IE without affecting the other browsers or am I stuck with this?

I have gone to my page editor several times and tried to fix things without success. Any help much appreciated.