“teru is right: there’s still isn’t a (CC enabled) flickr for millions of pieces of music so people resort to what they can easily find: bootlegs”

Even with a great resource like Flickr available, the majority of reused images that people see on the web are copyrighted. There is a lot of “forgiving” going on with images. Or from another perspective, it’s nearly impossible to regulate so most small infractions get a pass.

I understand what Lucas is driving at. Bottom line is copyright will never stop the masses from doing what they want. Even if there is an alternative such as CC, most people will most likely continue with what they find to be most convenient and not worry about the details.

If it comes down to civil disobedience vs. a grassroots/legal way to change copyright. Who knows which is more effective. I believe either way, doing something as opposed to nothing is a way to draw attention to something that needs to change. Every wave starts as a ripple. People don’t need to know where the ripples started they just need to catch the same wave. : )