By cc: I presume you mean bcc: — I get chuffed when somebody bulk cc’s me, I mean, I don’t want the whole world knowing my email address. It’s a matter of trust. I’ve trusted you with the ability to email me. You/Me.

On a related topic, I was talking with a coworker recently, trying to figure out what the correct email to use is these days. I use a gmail account because at one time it was a little less average, features, etc. I’m not using my work email because that would be inappropriate for anything but work related issues, and I don’t want to spambait with it. ISP email is a sure sign that you may be dealing with a neophyte. What I want is to tell people where I twitter or use linkedIn, and have my email filtered through these channels. Completely. I was really impressed with facebook’s early use of your email domain to verify your network (.edu etc), and they appear to have dropped that completely. It’s too bad.