Sorry Lucas. I’m posting here so I can get this off my chest. Because I just don’t get it. Apologies if this sounds bitter. No need to respond to this lunatic. ;)

First off why complicate something that’s really not necessary yet? I am frustrated seeing a new license when I don’t fully understand the old ones yet. Or more accurately, I have never really seen a real example of a CC license giving more or less musical freedom to anyone yet. In theory yeah but honestly, no.

Secondly without attribution, data gets lost. If I like a sound I hear in a work and want to find it, CC0 won’t help or most likely misinform me of it’s origin. CC0 in my opinion will mess thing up and make people lazy.

In a world where anything and everything can be documented relatively easily, attribution is not a whole lot to ask for. And I feel attribution is important beneficial knowledge. And it’s respectful.

I don’t mean to offend anyone but personally I feel it’s too much freedom for the sake of well… some people feeling good about themselves. Or maybe, I’m just jealous that I’m not in that position? :)