Hey, that’s cool lol – totally reasonable reaction.

Some things to keep in mind: CC0 is not a license, it’s a waiver.

Public Domain is an Amercian construct. There are several countries, many of them that produce music for ccMixter that do not ALLOW musicians to put music into a PD state, they are not allowed to give up ownership – to CC0 fills that need.

Putting an attribution restriction on a loop is actually *adding* restrictions to a the model of using loops from say a typical royalty-free loop library. I think this hurts adoption of libre samples – imo – needlessly.

I think you’ve benefited quite handsomely from the freedoms enabled by CC licenses – I’m missing something in that segment of your comment. Certainly you’ve been subject to having your expression stymied by having all freedoms limited (?)

Data is “lost” every time you give a gift anonymously – something you do all the time when you refuse credit for all your hard work at ccM and who knows where else. A certain kind of data may be lost, but that’s the original artist’s wishes – their wish is to gift anonymously.