“MP3 blogs are a never-ending series of blockbuster microbands.”

I think that’s part of it. It’s all about the next big thing. If one blog writes about an artist, other blogs will probably chose to write about something else they “discovered”. Which means most artist get one review, which amounts to tons of static and not much organized hoopla.

Artists that do get the hoopla are usually those who have the means to go out aggressively market themselves. ie already established or have some organized backing.

For example, Johnathan Coulton, Scott Andrews, Brad Sucks, etc.. make great tunes, have lots of fans, deserve more but don’t get mentioned much on such blogs. Probably due to the fact they are already considered too well known. Ironic.

I guess the days of rock stars buying private jets are probably over. Which is only bad news for the private jet industry. ;)