I visit spinner.com:

1) Try video: We’re sorry AOL Video is temporarily unavailable (yeah, like we’ve now figured it pisses you off if we say “This video is not licensed for playback in your country”).

2) Try radio: Blasted with Blockbuster advert and no way to shut it off or skip it.

You have to be a masochist geek or an inured naif to overcome this sort of friction.

And yes, I daresay my sites have friction too, but let’s at least try to reduce it eh?

Ditch copyright/licensing. Ditch advertising. Ditch pay-wall. Ditch requiring first-born.

Let the lovers of music have music.
Let the lovers of musicians pay those musicians to produce more of the music they love.

Ditch all the anachronistic crap that gets in the way of a beautiful relationship between musician and audience.

Art for money, money for art. That’s all that’s needed.

No need to suspend anyone’s liberty to copy or perform.

No need to sell the audience’s eyeballs to advertisers.

Just let people make music, and let them be paid by those who want them to make it.

Don’t resort to torture.