Hey Lucas,

I work here at Grooveshark and I just wanted to clear up some confusion–though Grooveshark and Seeqpod seem similar, we don't really work the same way. The content you see on Grooveshark doesn't come from externally-hosted MP3 or remote link. Like Youtube, all the songs on Grooveshark are uploaded directly from our users to a server, and we just index for searching.

If we *were* spidering content from third-party sites, I can definitely understand being a little perturbed (or downright pissed off) that there's no attribution. That's just not cool, and any site providing bandwidth/content/help to the web should definitely get the credit they deserve.

Anyway, sorry for the confusion/lack of info on our end, Lucas, and if you have absolutely any questions/tips/just want to chat, well, we're now friends on Twitter!