It’s surprising that data URI are still edgy. But it still creates a lot of friction.

Too bad. It would be nice to eliminate the step where I fire up Filezilla, upload, type out the image URL, check it, paste it into the blog post. When I deep link to somebody else’s image it’s just to avoid that labor and not because of the bandwidth. Same reason I iframed those sites rather than doing screenshots.

If you had in-place purchase flows, do you think users would feel comfortable entering the credit card?

About a good example, I’ll be damned if I can think of one.

I like the Amazon MP3 downloader. I like the iTunes app store, and I like the song purchase experience at least a little. I love the eMusic experience.

With In Rainbows I found the download software so awkward that I fired up LimeWire to do the download *after I had already given the band $15*.