“What about located music? When is a music app located?”

Local music venues, music shops (the ones still in business), locations tagged for having had street performers? Geotagged videos of music performances from nearby?

A feature I’d like to see in located apps is a kind of “fast forward,” a feature to allow scrolling towards an interesting destination without having to actually walk there. Users may not always have a single destination in mind, but looking one most interesting to them.

A globally sharable geotag database that provides links back to content and pages would be nice.

These apps may run into over-tagging issues, they’ve gotta be cognizant of TMI, and provide paging or some other way to organize location-linked data without overwhelming the display or the user.

Also, I imagine that users are gonna see battery impact with the live camera view running constantly. Price of admission I guess, unless someone comes up with a fancier way to project snapshots taken, perhaps via OpenGL.

More AR apps-


The subway finder app’s inclinometer usage looks quite smooth, didn’t notice any spikes. Damn I’ve got to get an iPhone, if just to check out the competition (I’m an Android and Blackberry dev.)

Anybody here used it yet? Wondering if it’s got HopStop-like capability, to specify a destination and get multi-legged travel directions.