@Lucas at the moment, just weather and a clock, but it changes from games to various sites… whatever I’m in the mood for. I did loan it to someone when I was in Japan so my Flick feed was looping. It’s something I wish digital picture frames had more of– that kind of ‘open’ OS thing, where ‘open’ means, let me do more, even if it is with a little restrictive framework.

Also, on the second life/google maps thing: I just moved and my property is a 5 acre rectangle, which equates to about a half of a sim. It’s quite convenient to rapid prototype the environment on an SL platform, although, I wouldn’t rely on it for production-grade apps, since the SL platform is too proprietary. But it’s all we got as far as a multiplayer 3D photoshop. Otherwise, great to visualize things we might see (I want to add a building, change the color, landscaping etc). Some augmented reality/SL stuff has been done at GA Tech, where a sim was rezzed on a RL coffee table. Fun stuff. Expect to see lots of interest from the metaverse types.