I know Lucas is aware of this already but I wanted to mention it again…

MAFF is maing a comeback.


Paolo, the current developer, has been doing a great job. I talked to him about supporting HTML5 video and audio elements so that the saved archive file would include the media as well.

MAF is also ZIP based and RDF/XML.

“Information about the archived files is stored using RDF, an XML format particularly suited to describe metadata about web resources. The matadata is stored using a special MAF XML namespace.

I’ve talked to Paolo about how I envision using this format, basically similar to what Jay has said in his comment. For example, HTML5 “Video Games” and other experimental interactive media can be distributed as MAF Files. If a mobile device could handle the format, it could be a very interesting rich media player… XSPF playlists of MAF Files ;)

etc etc.

I am done with Adobe Air as an interest of mine. I just like the feel of Air apps. Some are better than others but overall, I’m just not interested in that technology.

I am familiar with epub and plan to look into more. I basically got into MAF and havent looked back.

Not familiar with CMX or Cocktail but honestly I am jaded by the companies behind them so they are not too interesting to me either.

I like MAFF+OGG right now. I wonder what a Google Chrome[OS] equivalent would be.