Sounds good — I am starting to see little downside to MAF in these scenarios. Obviously, getting native support for MAF in other browsers and even at the OS level (e.g., click on MAF opens in default browser) would be ideal.

I wonder if Firefox can read a MAF file hosted on a web server (i.e., via a non-FILE URL –HTTP, FTP)? Have to try that. If not, that’d be a nice feature to add (feature or add-on) to browsers.

So, part of the idea of a “HTML card” is that, even though one would have to have a player / library to do really cool things, the pure HTML can provide an experience that gracefully degrades, but is still usable in any browser / email program.

With MAF, maybe that fallback is absent in some cases (e.g., where Firefox is not present).

Still, all of this is about introducing new behaviors / scenarios that people embrace, and I can imagine that getting people to unzip MAFFs is not necessarily a huge hurdle.

And, of course, for some of us who use Firefox all the time already, no hurdle!