Don’t forget:
Any item of ‘content’ may have an attached license, may have a variable license available from the current copyright holder that may have specific conditions, the possessor of the ‘content’ may also have a license, the purchaser of the ‘content’ may also have a transferable license that they have passed onto the possessor. Also, there may be fair use/dealing defences available that exempt any infringement.

It’s never a good idea for a technologist to helpfully attempt to bend over backwards to demonstrate to religious nutters that the posture is impossible. They will demonstrate that it is indeed possible by breaking your back.

Copyright is an unnatural privilege and an anachronism in the face of technology that reveals quite how unnatural it is. No-one has ever had the supernatural power to constrain the use of their work at a distance. Reproduction monopolies have certainly been granted by the crown, but these require very expensive policing – as the recipients of those monopolies are finding out (and the poor victims who find themselves made salutary lessons).

To explore how communications systems can be made less efficient in order to enforce 18th century monopolies intended for the printing press that require all copies to have been produced under license is a joke that will greatly amuse our grandchildren.