>>> Such a development will not be unprecedented in the unfolding history of music. For instance, you have to be something of a super-fan to know what to do with, how to listen to, and how to interact economically with classical music. Jazz is another genre that caters by and large to super-fans.

Yeah, jazz and classical music were obviously both intended for live performance. On a related note, PBS programming is not intended for live performance, but they do go live for the purpose of fund-raising, and it is at this point that they flush out the “super-fans” with premiums.

From what I can tell, the musical “super-fan” model inverts this: the live performances are strictly pay as you go, and the content releases try to flush out the super-fans. Although a band may be able to book a better venue if they can demonstrate they have X number of hardcore fans in the area.

In either case, the focus should probably lay with creating quality content, rather than super-engagement.

Or with youtube ;)