(Weird on the Akismet issue — never had that before.)

Totally agree with what you’re saying. But, you could also question whether “navigation” is even the right concept at that point: maybe the point is that some experiences forgo navigation altogether.

Thomas Vander Wal (at one point at least) suggested that whole idea of navigation (as a metaphor in web design) should be replaced by the idea of a “come to me” web. The user isn’t ever going anywhere, but making things come to them. (Hope I didn’t butcher his idea there by paraphrasing it.)

And, we might look at thesixtyone.com in this case as excelling in making certain non-textual / musical things “come to me” in a way that are perhaps more compelling and therefore more usable than traditional web browsing (paging / scrolling).

But then, my original point would be something like: they don’t yet make the text about the music “come to me” in an equally compelling and usable way. (And, I am imagining there potentially being a LOT of text and hypertext too — e.g., many whole Wikipedia articles worth of stuff.)