I could argue either position from the numbers. However, even under RIAA’s statistics, the decline in sales is from one order of billions to another order of blllions. It’s not clear that piracy is the entire reason, despite RIAA claims to the contrary. Changes in digital music delivery technology, including the price points of mp3s and the need to adjust the price point of CDs, seems to tie in there, too.

I think that licensed content is around for a long time. The question in my mind is when will a fair regime be developed to fold the new internet technology into
a licensed model.

For me, I just license my content liberally, as does now thousands if not tens of tens of thousands of other hobbyist content creators. Our “business model” to
“bring down’ the current system involves operating entirely within the law,
creating niche networks of fans of common interests, and eschewing any effort to “take over” mass culture. In its infancy, it’s working out pretty well so far.

I’ll become a MOG subscriber the day I can find all the creative commons and netlabel artists I can find on last.fm at MOG.