I think a conventional wisdom arose that people saw the internet as a place to download songs and other digital to own a copy. This received wisdom thus suggested that streaming would necessarily be a lesser cousin to ownership. I believe that a fair bit of sales figures supports this idea.

I suggest, though, that “ownership” of a digital copy of a song is no longer
the be-all that it was at one time. A “streaming”-favorable buyer would be a different market than a “must download” buyer. Perhaps a 50 year old wants to own mp3s, as they are the closest thing to an album with a cover by Hipnosis on it the paltry digital world offers. Perhaps a 14 year old sees digital media differently–an experience that can be rented or streamed, and need not be owned.

That hypothetical renter of experiences may wish different things than an owner. The renter may want cross-platform access. The renter may want
pay-as-you-go for streaming rather than owning a plan. The renter may be reachable by ads in ways that owners are not.

I do not pretend to know the answer, but I can imagine the marketing would be different.