Hi, my name is Daniel and firstly, I think this is a great blog. Lucas, I hope you don’t mind me posting a link on my project site which is still under construction, to this particular post. I also appreciate your collection of knowledge on playlist files which motivated me in no small way.

I think it is a fundamentally important development and wonder if the statistics from Europe and the US show the same trend. My 2 cents worth is that those who download are valuing the content itself. But streaming provides value in how the content is delivered. The state of broadband technology has finally reached the stage where delivering live content to the consumer is actually feasible (broadband mobiles). So people are now making a choice between streaming and filesharing just like they were making a choice between waiting for a song to play on the radio and going down to buy the lp. Of course the true strength of streaming is in the delivery of time-sensitive information e.g. live World Cup Finals. In this area, filesharing is almost irrelevant. So I think there are actually two distinct markets here, a market where content is valued and another market where the content delivery is valued.