MR, good to have you stop by.

Backblaze is cloud-based backup of local storage. I agree that the retrieval step is a problem more than a benefit. Though in the short term, while much of my work is still in local files, the ability to retrieve is still somewhat a benefit rather than a burden.

But this depends on the apps obviously. Music can easily migrate to the cloud, and it’s pure annoyance that I have to recopy my files from laptop to laptop and onto each of my mobile devices. This is more a factor of how things work in the Apple ecosystem than preference. I also use disk for ripping Netflix disks to watch at my own convenience, but that’s only temporary while there’s a big gap between Netflix’ online and DVD catalogs. I love Google docs because I can view/edit anywhere, and my docs last. I have also been getting in the habit of mailing things that I want to keep to my gmail account. YouTube stores my videos but doesn’t edit them, and obviously only stores in a compressed/edited form.

Anyhow it seems clear to me that all the situations in which I still rely on local storage devices are in the process of becoming obsolete.