Also, twitter !listening or whatever hashtag, commercial quality fan-careated youtube videos…

You’ve been talking about the content/context idea for a long time; it’s nice to see some evolution in this direction. If an artist releases work into the wild under cc: for instance, hopefully any supplemental material like artwork sticks with the work, rather than straight file-sharing (which does have a place, I suppose).

But when I log on to twitter and people are talking about what they are watching on the box *right now*, this immediacy is a different sort of context, which you kind of approach with and audioscrobbling. Or forum-skulking while listening to my favourite internet radio station. I mean, I love that people are talking about the new Arcade Fire album, but it’s really still a large number of independent leaks, without the immediacy of a dialog.

>>> Don’t go to a music blog, download a track, and then listen in iTunes.

This is amazing advice. But we’re a culture of headphone junkies.