The problem is that there’s no variant of the CC license that says, “you’re free to make a little bit of money on this work, but you have to cut me in if you make it big.”

Making music well is very expensive. I may not have to spend on creating an album what I had to 20 years ago: but the electric guitars, the amplifiers, the microphones, the MIDI controller, the software, even my time – it still comes at a fairly steep price.

I’ve put out a few songs CC-A, but I’ve also held a few back. Frankly, if there’s money to be made with some of those, I’ve earned the right – through my own costs – to draw a cut on that. I might even, if specifically asked, make a deal with a small entrepreneur. I’ve done that before as well.

But I’d like to buy a new Telecaster. My Les Paul needs new pickups. Unfortunately, neither Gibson or Fender offer me CC-A on guitars. :-(