Admiral Bob, I appreciate your points, but I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. What makes you think that an NC license earns you more money than a share-alike license? The argument against NC isn’t that you don’t want to make money on your music, but that NC is ineffective at earning you money.

Not that I don’t get how expensive it is to make music well. You need a lot of your own time, additional players, good equipment etc. Your time has an opportunity cost. Good players often need to get paid. Recording gear and instruments are crazy expensive. Yeah, no doubt, I get it.

Saying “you’re free to make a little bit of money on this work, but you have to cut me in if you make it big” is not a great economic formula. What you really want is to maximize profits. Whether other people make a lot or little makes no difference to you. All you want is to make as much as possible.