I am woefully, willfully naive about many things, but perhaps not in the way you interpreted in my last comment.

I don’t believe in an inherent link between copyright and scarcity. There’s nothing about the regulation that prevents labels from releasing the 85% of their music they have locked up in a vault.

There’s nothing in the regulation that forces the labels to use digital distribution as an excuse to distribute LESS money to artists. There’s nothing in the regulation that forces labels to lie to the artists (and courts) about their opaque, crooked accounting practices. That 95% of artists signed to a major label, handing over 100% of the rights to their own music forever, only to be unceremoniously dropped within 4 years, in debt, living below the poverty line the whole time and having their careers completely over and done has nothing to do with government regulation. Although, I wish it did.

Finding a way to continue this system online with streaming and clouding is not what I was hoping for when the dust settles.