Lucas, your disassembly comments are interesting. I think the parallel you’re drawing with web source code both works and is problematic at the same time.

It works in that one can talk about both web pages and musical works as being made up of objective component parts. But, more or less, the web objects are objectively objects, and the music “objects” or only subjectively so.

Although there are different components that go into making a musical work, (unlike a web page) the music isn’t just the sum of those components–it’s more than that. And, IMHO, the “source code” of the music is also more than the collection of the sources.

So, part of what I think is an interesting possibility is seeing a musical work as having both multiple, overlapping “source codes” and multiple, overlapping “run times.”

In any case, I think it’s great and interesting that you’re creating new ways of releasing your music as much as sources for starting something new as end destinations.