That’s a great interview. The fellow did a good job–comes to the point of what you’re about, sets out an interview narrative that’s easy to follow and gets to the heart of things.

The idea of a weblog devoted entirely to one’s music appeals to me, and is now on my to-do list.
This avoids the issues arising from using one’s regular weblog as one’s main focus. My weblog has readers who are not interested in the same music in which I am interested, while a targeted weblog makes more sense.

I am not savvy at setting up websites, so I think I will figure out a way to set up a weblog similar to what you’re doing at soupgreens, because your approach makes sense to me. The only technical “issues” to solve are a place that easily hosts mp3, or to use a flash embed like A download counter seems important to me as a survey tool, but there really isn’t much more one needs.

I am 88 PD songs richer, by the way. As soon as I can get a chance, I’ll see if I can create PDFs that are user-friendly.