Yes, totally. Plus, lyrics. For Err or Man, besides album covers and the lyrics for each song, each song itself also has 2+ pieces of visual art. And, more a/v may come in the future. So, for each of these songs, I need to create not only a song “page,” but a song “(mini) site.”

But, this is the web, so it’s straightforward to create these kinds of multifaceted / relational collections of the mixed-medium info that make up what we call a “song.” What’s missing is the music player / web browser hybrid that understands the song as existing in this kind of interconnected context.

So, first of all, the player needs to creatively straddle the 2+ kinds of interactions involved: continuous audio stream interaction and browsing info interaction. Then, then player also needs to have a totally different take on “files,” e.g., the way a single web page is really many files from many locations, and the way a web page can be rendered at different levels of resolution depending on browser capabilities.