Ian, the first thing is the issue of dedicated web pages for works as opposed to artists, tours, shows, etc. Obviously this is sometimes going to make sense, but only when it meets business or marketing objectives.

When you’re doing pages for works, you can use this page as a strawman. It’ll show you some ideas and features in practice, so that you can refine from there rather than work in a vacuum.

You can use this blog post as a starting point for a product requirements document.

I’d also make the larger strategic point that the goal of a work page is to engage listeners and get them to pull the work into their personal lives by interacting with it. If somebody sings or plays along, the work has made an impact, and if they distribute a derived work then they’re bringing the source work into their personal relationships. You should try to do both lyric sheets and chord charts.

Also, artists need hats. :)