I went last Saturday night to our local library auditorium, where the friends of the library sponsored a really fine jazz harpist doing arrangements of holiday songs, and the local symphony chorus did a selection of international songs of the various seasons. The arrangements and skill on display where amazing.

On the other hand, I saw on public television a major-label ensemble do a bombastic holiday special which was amusing in its scope, but ultimately entirely pre-packaged and non-local.
The comparison struck me.

In the DFW area we have a 2 plus million dollar population base. There’s no reason why we couldn’t “grow local”. Indeed, we used to have an indie rock scene that was very “local grown”.
Houston and Detroit and Atlanta still have hip hop scenes in which the local acts are more important than the national acts.

I think that the Slow Music metaphor is a very appealing way to “see” the way analog music must proceed.