a couple good shared playlists

In the music blog Aurgasm, the songs in the posts play one after another. Play one and when it’s over the next will start. It’s a blog but it’s also a playlist.

Also, it’s good. It’s just plainly obviously not lame.

And then there’s this Robert Radish playlist about rock songs inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It has an idea behind it. It has artwork. It has a ton of explanatory text. It has a recognizable human presence. It has a social existence in the form of comments.

It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s pretty cool in its own way. The page is full of color and life and it’s fun to think about all those songs being influenced by Alice in Wonderland.

Jeremy Schlossberg is a pretty decent writer. Here’s a piece he did ragging on shared playlists. It’s mainly self indulgent sport typing but towards the end he has some thought provoking words.