Old Posts

I have imported 8 years worth of posts from gonze.com/blog, dating back to 2007.

I started blogging on this domain around 2003, using a minimalist scrap of perl by Rael Dornfest called bloxsom. If I could import those old posts I would.

I wonder when if ever this blog will get visitors again, aside from the writing I cross post to Facebook or Twitter. It’s like a dusty old shop that nobody ever comes into.

All the posts still exist in archive.org, even back to 2003! But I like having them on my own server, under one roof, in one continuous chain.

Stateless Societies

This morning I was thinking about statelessness, the end of countries as we think of them.

There are two sides of the coin:

1. Open borders. Let anybody in or out. No permanent citizenship.
2. Power flowing from money, which is mainly held by global-scale corporations and the ultra rich.

How would a state transition in this direction? What would the migration path be? Is there a reasonable path to get there?

I would not mind paying for a copy of an e-book or music recording on the Internet if I could do so anonymously, and it were ethical in other ways (no DRM or EULA). But that option almost never exists.


It is possible to sell online media with payment in cash by mail. Have the payment return a coupon good for some amount of purchasing.

But no need to work so hard at it. Amazon already sells pre-paid cards that you can use to download music and ebooks. You can pay in cash at Safeway.

Postscript: Stallman is against Amazon. And maybe he’s right.

Hot beer

Beer with fresh jalapeno and lime

I had low hopes about putting jalapeno in my beer along with lime, but it worked out really well. The beer absorbs the smoky flavor from the jalapeno, not the pure heat. I’m sure I’ll do it many times more.

This wouldn’t work with pickled jalapeno! The flavor that carries over is unique to the fresh pepper.

Four small plates


Honeydew. Portobello with lime and olive oil, grilled in the Joe Foreman. Hardboiled eggs with Tapatio. A banana.

On separate plates. Not a salad, not a fruit salad.

A flat hierarchy. A meal without a center. No entree, appetizer, dessert. No sequence – take bites of any one at any time.

No explicit starch, but the banana adds carbs.

No meat, but the portobello gives you the feeling of a full belly and the eggs give you protein.

Lots of food, but low calories.