evolvable remotes courtesy of KinEmote hack

Update: this allows the same type of interfaces to happen in KinEmote TVs that touch screens enabled on mobile phones. No more having a fixed set of hardware buttons that can’t change from the day you buy your TV. No more TV remotes crowded with so many unused features that you can’t find the few features you do use. Yes to pinch to zoom on TV, even though you’re across the room sitting on the sofa.

Not that all these things are going to happen right away or even in the short term, just that these are the things this hack makes possible.

KinEmote uses Kinect to Control Boxee Using Hand Gestures:

A hack called KinEmote that allows the users of a Boxee or XBMC media portal to use the Kinect or any other OpenNI camera that for gesture controls. The controls using the Kinect allow you to have full control over all functions of the media player.

This is a big innovation, in that it allows hardware controller devices for TVs to start evolving at the speed of software. Remote controls are one of the big bottlenecks in modernizing television.

loner TV

With PCs it’s one person per monitor. More can look on but it doesn’t work very well, and the content (software) is clearly for a single operator. Spreadsheets are not for performing.

With TVs it’s plenty of people per monitor. Like in a bar with sports on, or a living room with a family watching together. The content isn’t interactive, but then again interactivity is a concept defined by loner devices like PCs. Sharing a TV makes it a complement to direct interaction, like when everybody cheers a goal together.

Yes content on TV is one to many. But at least many are able to use the same device at one time.

A TV set is a social monitor. A computer monitor is a loner TV.