The Sylvie Strategy for PII

But the good news is that your PII will be safe

The “Loki” character Sylvie Laufeydottir hides out in doomed places. It’s the fact that they are going to be obliterated that makes them safe. No trace of her existence will be recoverable. No observer wants to be there. She’s in Pompeii just before the lava engulfs it. She’s on an alien world with a moon on the verge of collision.

In these places and times the moment will soon be over and the permanent records will have met oblivion along with the rest.

This came to mind as a metaphor for my Myspace profile. My indiscretions on Myspace have long since been disposed of. There isn’t even a trace in the Wayback Machine. It has 860 billion web pages saved over time – quite few more than McDonald’s pathetic 85 billion – but not one of them is mine.

By the grace of Rupert Murdoch