Personal computers are not computers, any more than automobiles are engines. Just as automobiles’ engines power their movement, the true computers inside what we call personal computers power what they do. Those names, “personal computer” and “smartphone”, are older than the tools they now label. “Personal computer” became popular in the late 1970s, for […]

We’re ragging on allies for making us spend money on the military: Trump said Germany has accumulated an immense lack of investment over many years, according to one of our sources, telling Merkel the U.S. feels taken advantage of for spending so much on defense But we’re increasing military spending: Trump has sent guidelines to […]

MP3s on

When I disconnected the blog for my historical public domain music, I stranded the music I had posted, which is actually all still available. Here are links to every MP3 on Song For Gurdonark/Italian Song for gurdonark.mp3 Song For Gurdonark/LucasGonze-ItalianSong1.mp3 Song For Gurdonark/LucasGonze-ItalianSong2.mp3 Polka on parlor.mp3 […]

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As a reader, I need an RSS reader that caters to personal-scale blogging. There isn’t one now. Professional blogs generate a torrential flow compared to personal blogs. In a river of posts where all sources are competing for attention, the professional posts flood out the personal ones. Your reader needs a rate limiter for overposters. […]