Soundcloud is a really well-defined product. Limited in scope, easy to explain, original, and immediately useful. They have given themselves a strong chance of winning just by picking their battleground well.

It’s good to see a high degree of craftsmanship at that level of the development process. The product definition is the most important part of a project, and usually it’s the weakest part.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the kind words guys! If you want to try it out then just send me an email (alex at our domain) and I’ll get you an invite.

    @lucas, sorry I missed your last email, replying now ;)

  2. Sounds like a very good tool, but what’s with the attitude? “SoundCloud is made for the music professionals. To make sure the pro’s have enough time and comfort to try out SoundCloud”… Please.

  3. Giacomo, it seems reasonable to me to deliberately push people away who are outside of their target demo. virtually everything in online music ends up being overwhelmed with teens and college kids using it for unauthorized distribution, and preventing that from happening is something you have to actively block.

  4. @Giacomo, thanks for the comment. Maybe you’re right in that we should rephrase certain parts of the site. We’re not trying to have any attitude or anything, we’re just trying to make sure we’re creating something first and foremost for the people active in the music industry. Actually its not really that hard to get an invite assuming you’re actively working with music. We’re certainly aiming to open the site up more later on but for now we want to be able to give great support to the users we have with the small team we are and that inevitably means that we have to focus a lot. Hope you understand that we’re only trying to make something good!


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