gamestrument #2

sull posts a screencast of his session with the innerpartysystem gamestrument, in which he gets high score.

Question: how would you do “high score”? Couldn’t you have ratings on these things to enable that?

Question: is it possible to have really different expressions in a gamestrument, or is the expressive range more limited than that? Is there more than one song in a given set of samples, or are all jams pretty much the same?

Greg brings up r2dj and Bloom as relations if not siblings to innerpartysystem. I did play with Bloom, though not a lot. And with r2dj I watched the tutorial but didn’t snag it myself.

These are both generative music apps which accept input from the user. They’re different from the innerpartysystem app in the way that the user/player interacts. In innerpartysystem the user is directly triggering music events in real time, while in r2dj and Bloom the user is tweaking parameters. An r2dj creator is writing software to react to the runtime environment. In Bloom the creator is injecting randomness in a John Cage-inspired style.

Anybody out there gotten closer to them than this?

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