Ty White tweets:

playTweets is now fully automated. follow @playTweets, tweet it “play” and an mp3 url, and install http://go
to stream!

Got any ideas for fun or productive things to do with this hack? Feel free to modify the source code and either send it back to me for inclusion or just put your mods at a new URL — my stuff there is in the public domain. And if you want to establish a new web page for the project, like on a wiki, I’d be happy to redirect to it.

4 thoughts on “@playTweets

  1. Nice! Does the PlayTwitter player function any differently than the regular Y! Media Player? I like the idea of sharing music on Twitter… just trying to understand what features are specific to Twitter aside from @playtweets retweeting all the posts that start with “play”.

    Also, it would be great if there was a way to post to @playtweets without having to follow that account. Right now it’s manageable to follow, but if it becomes popular, it would flood my Twitter timeline.

  2. Hey Joe, that “play …” feature is the only thing special it does right now, but that’ll probably change as people use it. And that “play …” feature is really necessary because you need it when a TinyURL hides the .mp3 extension on a link.

  3. Ah, I see. So, adding ‘play’ in front of a link basically inserts the ‘playthispage’ class through the bookmarklet / firefox plugin. Cool.

    Goose is awesome, by the way. It’s one of my favorite web browsing tools – use it every day. If it could fast forward and scrobble to Last.fm, it would be near perfect. I always thought a video version would be cool too. Same concept, but the player would show a playlist of flash videos associated with a page or link.


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