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PlayTwitter now has adapters for two URL shorteners used for music, and Any time it sees a link from one of them it will get a play button going, just as if they were direct links to files with the .mp3 extension.

What I’m trying to do is to be purely a connector. It’s a fun and interesting role.

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  1. ty man, I can’t thank you enough for all the hackage you’ve done. It’s a lot of fun for me to be part of the flow of evolution in this space.

    So, I’m trying to tweak the playtwitter HTML layout to give your flash demo and the @playTweets account more emphasis, but that page is so messy and crufty that it’s hard to get in there at all without starting over.

  2. No worries, mate.

    I think some more noodling has to be done as to how to make the playTweets side of thing scale a bit and make more sense. Would love to separate by genre (playIndie, playClassical, etc) for starters — need something to compensate for the fact that few folks are following the guidelines of labeling their music in their tweets.

    Might also be interested to try to get a music blog to surface their mp3s and tweet the links to new mp3 posts (meaning: can listen to mp3 in Twitter with playtwitter, click through to blog for context).

    I also wish tumblr would surface mp3 links so Streampad isn’t the only solution, but that’s a bigger battle methinks :)

  3. Bookmarklet loads Goose plus a small blog-branded page (say, 200x200px? 300×300?) with a short description of the song and a link to click through to read the whole article? Could contain a text ad, too, if they’re concerned about losing monetization. Would that be doable? Would have to get them to add a little extra code to their site, but could make a pretty good business case for them to build their reader base via Twitter.

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