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A huge range of great audio and video content is now available online, but the content is fragmented across many different sites and platforms, with little connection between one siloed system and the next. We believe in the generative power of the web, we believe in linked data, and we want to see many ways to browse a full range of media content.

Enter URIplay, which aims to provide a single interface to metadata about audio and video content, built through a community effort. It makes light work of integrating content from a range of sources.

Great thing to do. It’s ridiculous to have media on the internet be locked up in a bunch of non-interoperable sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and iMeem.

I think this could also be used for content resolution, in that you’d be able to go from metadata about an item to the address of an instance of an item.

They’re product-level goals seem to be focused on video rather than audio, though music is part of that.

One thought on “URIplay

  1. Lucas, glad you like the aim of URIplay. It’s certainly our plan to do content resolution, but we’ve focused on the ‘low hanging fruit’ of basic metadata and collections first.

    My company, MetaBroadcast, is indeed focused on video. But we’ve tried hard to make URIplay work well for audio too. I’m not sure it’s ideal for music yet, but we’re always open to suggestions.

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