gurdonark wrote this as a comment and I thought it needed to be a post instead. So here it is as a post:

Pixieguts is an Australian vocalist who does vocals for electronic artists throughout the world.
http://www.last.fm/music/pixieguts. She’s wracked up 19,000 plays from 4,000 listeners.

She has a weblog, http://pixie-guts.blogspot.com. She releases at jamendo. She has a podcast.

She’s organized a Ning called Pixies Palace which is a more or less a member/performer network of shared interests.
http://pixiespalace.ning.com/, with 160 members.

Marie, or Pixieguts, collaborates often, networks a great deal, and pushes forward a free download culture with aplomb. She’s not doing it with lots of money (I believe she types legal documents for a day job), nor immense connections in the industry (she’s in a part of Australia away from the center of things) nor the need to utilize the tawdry, the trendy or the self-aggrandizing. She just sings on music, and listens to music, and gets people together who do.

There’s lots of room for pixieguts in this world–and a lot of what she and her best collaborators (such as Northcape and Adrian Carter) do takes place not only on netlabels, but at last.fm.

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