Isn’t “Best of Both Worlds” A Miley Cyrus Song?

C. Joel goes ape for Playdar:

I read recently on Wired’s Epicenter blog about a new application that really excites me. It excites me because this is what computers are supposed to do.

Playdar works with streaming sites like, Pandora, Spotify, etc and examines any music files you have on your computer. If you’re listening to a streaming site and that site wants to play a song you already have on your hard drive, it plays the file on your hard drive instead of streaming it. This is brilliant because it saves the streaming company money, which keeps them in business longer. For the listener, it means you’ll probably get a better sounding song because typically the stuff on your computer is higher quality than what is streamed.

Hopefully, all the streaming companies and music players (*cough* iTunes *cough*) will support this as a plugin soon, so as Van Halen sang, we can get the best of both worlds!

3 thoughts on “Isn’t “Best of Both Worlds” A Miley Cyrus Song?

  1. It appears Miley/Hannah has a song called Best of Both Worlds, but I wasn’t familiar with it (until you mentioned it). I’m sure there are quite a few more songs by that title, but I really meant the Van Halen version (thus the link to it). Thanks for the pingback!

  2. The Van Hagar song was the one that was new from my end.

    Still, can it really be said that either of us is better off to have discovered new Hannah Montana or Van Hagar? :)

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