100% Food nutrient slurry

100% Food nutrient slurry

I’m trying out a new soylent-ish powdered nutrient slurry, 100% Food. I got the low-carb chocolate mix.

It comes in single serving bottles. The bottle is half-full with powder. You add water on your own. I love this approach, since the bottles are super light without water. OTOH it’s ugly and wasteful from an environmental point of view.

Compared to Soylent, it is a bit less filling. I could get to prefer that, I think. The serving size is 670 calories instead of 500, which makes a 2000 calorie daily intake harder to figure out.

100% Food mixes up faster than Soylent, in that it doesn’t need to sit in the fridge for a while. However the texture is rough and grainy. I’ll try mixing it in the blender to smooth out the texture.

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