Alexaphone? Too big. Think AlexaPods instead.

Why would Amazon stop squeezing the Echo at the half-sized Dot? Why wouldn’t they keep going to reach phone size? And why not keep getting smaller than that, since Echo’s voice-first UX allows the phone to be screenless?

Amazon Nano Echo needs a radio for Internet connectivity. It needs low power bluetooth to connect to wireless earbuds. It needs wireless earbuds so the wearer can keep them on all the time. The earbuds need to be stereo, because music is one the of the main use cases. The earbuds need to be paired out of the box to eliminate pairing hassle. The charger for the device and earbuds need to be consolidated. The earbuds should be stored in the box.

Wearing earbuds all day isn’t ok because it interferes with conversation and reduces awareness? Ok, take one earbud out when you’re not listening to music, and the output switches to mono.

And that’s the product. A featureless box that never leaves your pocket or purse, paired with wireless earbuds which never leave your ears. The box charges from the wall. The earbuds charge from the box.

You can have voice conversations, listen to music, send and receive voice chats, do web searches, figure out tips, get the weather, check your calendar, get the time, take a voice note, look up a recipe, etc. It’s even a fitness tracker.

Like Google Glass the user doesn’t need to take it out of their pocket. Unlike Glass it can’t take video of every casual intimate interaction in your day. You look goofy with a single earbud – the bluetooth headset jerk – but it’s not nearly as bad as the glasshole look, and you can negate the fashion problem by putting the other earbud in. Or going subdermal.

OMFG, *subdermal alexapods.*

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