long overdue unapology

Personal blogging is slow, like slow food. You meander along for years, starting and stopping as life demands and inspiration strikes. There’s no destination.

I have been slacking on posting lately. This post is to not apologize.

I have been blogging here for more than five years, and I have been meaning to write this post for the whole time.


This post is on a new host for my weblog. Expect to see a mess while I unpack my things and get the new place ready to live in, but I think it’s going to be really clean when I’m all settled.


I’m using the latest WordPress, with the Sandbox theme and the Sandpress skin.

The new host is Dreamhost. So far I’ve had a good experience with them. The configuration tools are good, the documentation on their wiki is great, and tech support got right back to me on my one question. The one issue is that DNS changes have been a little whacky. Also, from reading reviews of them I’m expecting uptime problems.

My old ISPs were WordPress.com for the blog and Panix.com for the overall domain.

WordPress.com has some malfeatures that I couldn’t abide. No Javascript — ok, this is understandable — but also no Flash, no iframes, and no HTML forms. The rationale for these restrictions is security, which is such a stupid claim that it made me blow a fuse. This was a business decision, not a feature.

Panix is a cool but incredibly old-school ISP. I had been there since the 90s and my home directory was crufty with ancient files that nobody but the Wayback Machine ever accessed. Panix has huge integrity, great customer service, and does a stellar job of catering to the tastes of us crusty old Unix guys, but their pricing is high and services are minimal at this point.

Everything should now be working, so let me know if you see a bug.

license on my own music

When I post my own music, I usually have to write a little license statement each time. This blog entry is to consolidate those license statements, so that in the future I just have to point here.

My default license is Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, which means that you are free to redistribute or remix the work as long as you provide attribution and release your derivative works under the same, similar, or a compatible license. Commercial use is fine, as long as the commercial use is under the same license. (But see the canonical definitions on CreativeCommons.org for the formal definition of the license).

For attribution, give my name and a link — something like “Music by Lucas Gonze (gonze.com).”

If you want to use another license, such as one which restricts commercial use, contact me. One way to do that is to submit a comment on this blog entry.

For music which I composed, the license grant applies to the composition as much as to the sound recording. For music which someone else composed, I take care to use only music which is firmly in the public domain or under a free license compatible with my grant. If there are samples the same rules apply.

There are cases when the terms stated here don’t apply, such as when I did something collaboratively and lack the rights to make these claims, when a piece of work predates this statement, or when a piece of work is in a medium (such as code) aside from music. This statement only applies when I explicitly say so.