mog hiring for rad dev

MOG is hiring a senior developer in our Berkeley office to implement our music service on devices like Boxee, Roku, Vudu, Sonos, etc. It’s cutting edge technology, and we need somebody with the experience to go where few have gone before.

Daily activities include:

  • Working with partner(s) technical teams to gain clarity around services, SDKs, and device-side requirements
  • Working with internal teams to extend internal APIs to meet partner device/integration requirements
  • Ability to design core functionalities, libraries and port to end-device configurations

The core profile for this job is coding, but it would be handy if you could do backfill on wireframes and Photoshop work. Light skills in interaction design or graphic design are a plus.

Another bonus would be prior hacking on new teevee systems, just being familiar with the whole genre of applications.

Another bonus is a background in music dev.

Keywords: XML, RoR, Lua, Javascript, VB, ActionScript