goose clone at Rhapsody

Rhapsody has replaced the music player in their site with a new player that is strongly influenced by Yahoo Media Player. Here’s what it looks like by default: (click through to the full size image to really examine it) Here’s what Yahoo Media Player looks like when playing back Rhapsody tracks: Notice that Rhapsody’s player […]

techdirt on right to play

Mike Masnick at Techdirt… on the “right to play” post: Oh, and don’t forget, the entire reason why South Korea is suddenly putting in place draconian, self-damaging, protectionist, copyright policies is because the entertainment industry went on a huge lobbying campaign claiming that South Korea was a haven for piracy, and then had the US […]

the right to play #2

I don’t know of a freedom or right to infringe musical copyright in the role of a listener. That seems like bullshit to me. You want to listen to some band, you’re attached to the consumerist feeding tube, pay up. I do know of a freedom or right to make music. Musicians have an inalienable […]

price Pandora premium

What’s interesting about the new premium version of Pandora version is that it’s only $3 a month. That price is so low that they seem to be going for scale rather than profitability. But is there really that much elasticity to the price? Are there really a lot of people willing to pay $3 but […]

data format for musicians

Music Data Exchange Format (MDEF): The Music Data Exchange Format (MDEF) is a free, open and portable XML based format being developed by Band Metrics for the purpose of sharing data relative to musicians and bands, because presently, there does not exist such a format. This music data exchanged can range from the number of […]