goose clone at Rhapsody

Rhapsody has replaced the music player in their site with a new player that is strongly influenced by Yahoo Media Player.

Here’s what it looks like by default: (click through to the full size image to really examine it)

Here’s what Yahoo Media Player looks like when playing back Rhapsody tracks:

Notice that Rhapsody’s player seems to be docked within the page, not the viewport. You’d think that means that you could scroll the track controls offscreen, losing one of the key advantages of YMP. But check out this smart improvement: if you scroll down far enough to push the track controls out of view, a floating mini-player gets stuck to the top of the viewport until you scroll back to the maxi-player:

Major music sites using players directly influenced by Goose/YMP now include Bandzoogle, Rhapsody, Hype Machine, AOL/Streampad, TheSixtyOne, and Lala. I realize that keeping a tally is gross, ungracious, and egotistical, but I need to do it for the sake of my resume.

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