disk becoming obsolete

Between my smartphone, tablet, and laptop, it’s a problem if I have a file on local disk instead of in the cloud. The file is only accessible on FOO computer? Ridiculous. When I was helping my brother set up a link between his digital camera and his laptop last weekend, he specifically didn’t want the […]

more on viacom vs youtube

From the Viacom vs YouTube summary judgement (pdf): The DMCA notification procedures place the burden of policing copyright infringement—identifying the potentially infringing material and adequately documenting infringement—squarely on the owners of the copyright. We decline to shift a substantial burden from the copyright owner to the provider … That makes sense, as the infringing works […]

safe harbor affirmed

YouTube won summary judgement motion against Viacom. This means that the DMCA safe harbors for ISPs have passed judicial review. That would mean a big reduction in legal risk for internet developers whose products are able to implement notice-and-takedown. Just be very careful to get the legal details right and your startup will be on […]