Link: header for audio metadata

  1. • lucasgonze clears throat
  2. [6:21pm] lucasgonze: I have this thought –
  3. [6:22pm] lucasgonze: apply to audio files on the web, as a method to annotate pcm data.
  4. [6:22pm] lucasgonze: as an alternative to id3
  5. [6:22pm] lucasgonze: so let’s say there is
  6. [6:22pm] lucasgonze: wav has no metadata support
  7. [6:23pm] lucasgonze: GET on would return a response header pointing to a metadata file
  8. [6:23pm] lucasgonze: Link: example-metadata.json; rel=meta
  9. [6:25pm] lucasgonze: GET
  10. [6:25pm] lucasgonze: Link:; rel=meta
  11. [6:35pm] lucasgonze: use CORS on the metadata resource to enable cross site requests from ajax
  12. [6:36pm] lucasgonze: then a javascript-based audio renderer in the browser can access metadata for any file
  13. [6:37pm] lucasgonze: the metadata technology is factored out of the codec.
  14. [6:37pm] lucasgonze: the http request becomes the envelope for waveform data and metadata together.
  15. [6:37pm] lucasgonze: metadata technology and audio signal processing technology can evolve independently

See also the Web Audio API and jsmad.